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About us

NGO ProPsy
(Promotion of Psy-services)

The informational agency for mental health area «ProPsy» is an organization that has been functioning in the City of Stavropol, Russia, since 2003, whose activities are aimed at promoting accessibility of information and services in the area of mental health.

Our ideology:

We believe that mental health in people is part and parcel of the welfare and prosperity of the entire country. We seek due attention paid to mental health issues in Russia. We believe that everyone, both going through a crisis or in everyday life, needs careful and thoughtful attitude towards their own mental health.

Our mission is to develop a culture oriented towards the inner world of human beings.

Major objectives:
•​ To spread quality and true information on mental health issues;
• To promote professional competence among specialists of mental health area, as well as competence in these issues among specialists of adjacent professions;
•​ To promote mental health services;
• To attract the resources required to resolve the issues in mental health area.

Major activities:
• Information-publishing (books, brochures, booklets, leaflets)
• Enlightening (lecturing, talks, social events, highlighting mental health issues in the media, work with psychiatric patients and their families)
• Educational (seminars, conferences, and other events improving professional competence in mental health specialists as well as educational events for specialists involved in adjacent areаs and common public)
• Organizational support to projects in mental health area run by partner organizations

Major areas:
•​ Education
• Medicine
• Common public

Major projects by areas:

Educational programme «What Is Wrong With Masha?» Aimed at educating teachers and students in mental health issues, drawing attention from teachers and caregivers to first alarm signs, being able to look at the right things and to do the right thing in a particular situation. This programme is an adjusted version of the Norwegian educational project «What Is Wrong With Monica?», the right to which has been granted to ProPsy from the Psychiatric Educational Foundation of PsykOpp (Norway)

Psycho-Educational Multifamily Work (for families where a member suffers from psychosis) as well as teaching this method through educational seminars for specialists.

Common public:

Marking the World Mental Health Day (October 10) by public events, educational seminars and lectures for general public educating them in the area of mental health.

Organising the International Festival of Psychotherapy and Practical Psychology «Christmas-Tide Meetings». The Festival comprises various types of professional interaction among specialists of the mental health area as well as various types of professional presentations.

Mixed Football Matches among people representing various social groups (including teams of mental health patients and specialists). The matches are held in order to reduce the stigma in mental health, better social adjustment of patients, improved tolerance among common public.

Informational booklets and other issues (incl. e-books) for informing specialists and commoners on mental health issues.

Books issues by ProPsy:

«First Mental Aid in Catastrophes and Crisis».
Authors: Jan Haslerud, Gerd-Ragna Bloch Thorsen, Eigul Waldenstrem

«A Different Pain». Mental health issues in children and adolescents
Authors: Torid Boregen and Ida Garlow

«Schizophrenia». Informational booklet for patients, their families, and general public
Author: Gerd-Ragna Bloch Thorsen

«Mania and depression». Informational booklet for patients, their families, and general public
Author: Gerd-Ragna Bloch Thorsen

«Family Work in Psychosis». Family Therapy based on the results of work in groups.
Authors: Bente Arntzen, Anna-Lise Øxnevad, Trond Grønnested.

«About Psychoanalysis in Simple». A Jubilee project. Special answers to endless questions.
Authors: members of the Stavropol Regional Psychoanalytical Association.

«Models of Madness». Psychological, social, and biological approaches to understanding schizophrenia.
Authors: John Read, Loren M. Mosher, Richard P. Bentall

Our stable partners:

Psychiatric Educational Foundation of PsykOpp (Norway)
Stavropol Regional Psychoanalytical Association
Mikhailovsky Psychological Centre for Diagnostics and Counseling

ProPsy is involved in cooperation with the following public organisations and NGOs:
Ministry of Education of Stavropol Region
North-Caucasus State Technical University
Stavropol Regional Clinical Psychiatric Hospital №1
NGO New Choices – an organisation of families with someone suffering from a mental disorder
General and specialized educational institutions of Stavropol and the Stavropol Region

«ProPsy» expends its activities coverage launching projects in various places all over the Stavropol Region as well as in Arkhangelsk, Moscow, Sochi, Odess (Ukraine), Orenburg, St. Petersburg.

«ProPsy» seeks expansion of its network, which would comprise and support NGOs, initiative groups and specialists sharing our ideology.

Contact details
239/4-18, Lermontova Street, Stavropol, Russia 355041
Tel. (+78652) 24-24-57
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